Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finally Got My 6th Tattoo(:

Both my mom and dad have tons of tattoos,and most of them are done personally by my mom besides the ones she couldn't do because of the fact doing tattoos on your own back is not the brightest idea and she's right handed so tattooing with her left hand wouldn't be the greatest idea in the book either. After doing their tattoos my mom got bored with it and stopped doing tattoos for years,therefore her ink went bad and her tattoo gun wasn't exactly the best thing out there,it was home made from a tooth brush and pen. Me wanting a tattoo wasn't even going to think about letting her use that on me. My mom being the person she is decided she wanted to get back into the art of tattooing,so she bought brand new tattoo guns and ink. She gave me my first tattoo soon after that. Which created the monster I am today,once I finish getting one tattoo,I'm thinking about another. Me thinking I was tough shit because I didn't cry for the first five tattoos,and only whined about the one on my foot,I made fun of people who cried or screamed getting tattoos that I had seen on Youtube. After my tattoo last night,I will never make fun of anyone's pain or reaction to their pain ever again. It was the worst possible pain I have ever experienced in my 18 years of life,and I've broken my pinky toe twice,gotten lighter or wax burns,been bitten which drew blood,had 3 eye surgeries and nothing compares. I now know when people ask me where are the most painful places to get a tattoo,I will reply that from experience one place is in between your shoulder blades. I cried and screamed through the entire 2 and and half hours,but I made it through. Keep in mind I didn't use numbing cream. I was so disappointed in myself because I talked so much shit to other people about the pain and couldn't back it up,I thought I was stronger than that but I was mistaken.

But after that pain every time I walk by a mirror I have to stop and look at my tattoo. I am incredibly happy with the work my mom has done on me,the colors are beautiful,the lines look even better than I expected,I am just beyond belief happy about it. In my opinion the pain was worth it. It is fantastic(:

My mom has talent and I am very proud of her and the research and practice she has put into this passion of hers. I hope she gets big in this business and opens her own shop. She has the potential.

The brand of ink we used,what brand of numbing cream we could've used,and the after care products.

 Mom's Ink: No I am not being sarcastic that is literally the brand of ink,we found it on Ebay if I'm correct but I'm almost positive you can look it up on Google and it will give you links on where to buy it. But keep in mind it is not cheap at all,it is incredibly expensive.

Dr. Numbs:This numbing cream is one of the biggest known,it is used by professionals everywhere, again I'm pretty sure we bought it on Ebay but it can be found on Google. This cream is also not cheap and it doesn't go a long way. A full tube only covers about the size of the palm of your hand tattooing area,and each tube is if I'm correct over $20.  

A+D Ointment: This can be found at Walmart,it's inexpensive and it works well. When buying this you do not want the cream that it white,you want it to be a yellowish clear color. DO NOT use Neosporin it will draw out the ink and ruin your tattoo. 

 If possible buy the one in a box. But if you'd like buy the one in the tub. BUT make sure it is the right color the label can look like this one above,the purple label is usually the white cream which is not the one you want so make sure to check,were not trying to heal baby rashes were trying to heal tattoos.  A little will go a long way. Make sure to only use enough that keeps the tattoo moist,if you put too much it will suffocate the tattoo and prevent it from healing.

Curel Lotion: This can also be found at Walmart,it is also inexpensive. So far this is the best lotion we have found. BUT you want the unscented Curel lotion because the fragrances will do damage to your tattoo as well. A little will go a long way. Again only use enough to keep it moist.

 This information is easily found on the internet but don't believe everything the internet says make sure to believe the information that is repeated in multiple articles. For more after care information you can find it on the internet or email me because we have done all the research already. Please note that I am NOT  a professional tattoo artist and neither are my parents,we did not create these products. There is so much more after care information you need to take care of your tattoo properly until it is entirely healed. So please if you have ANY questions feel free to reach me on my Facebook or email which I will have posted below. 

I hope this helped a little on the information you may have needed. Tattoos are a great way of expressing yourself but should be taken seriously because getting a tattoo removed is much more expensive than actually getting one. So think it over before you get a tattoo. Thanks for reading. Follow me!! (:


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Where The F..K Have I Been?!!!

Okay so pretty much this is me,without my glasses,well I am wearing glasses but not my glasses that help me see these are my cool duck tape nerd glasses that used to be sunglasses that I got at my senior prom,which by the way was terrible.

So I realize I haven't be on in awhile,which I don't really know why,mainly because I forgot about my blog and the fact that no one follows it makes it kind of pointless. Hopefully that will change,I like sharing my stories(:

Anywaysss so I went back to brown hair,as you can see (but I'm going back to blonde soon and getting a scene hairstyle,just for something new(: I have 5 tattoos,getting another one tonight,I'll share some pics of those below. I have a boyfriend (who lives 360 miles from me),and a best friend (: I'm looking for a job. I've come to the conclusion I want to be a Vet Tech instead of a Photographer.

My 18th Birthday is this month!!!!! August 24th to be exact(: I'm excited. lol. Mainly because it's just gonna be a weekend of me and my 3 best friends hanging out. Haha that could turn out to be great or incredibly terrible.

The gym is always on my mind anymore,because I need to lose weight,but I don't exactly have the option to leave and go workout whenever I want. But I'll eventually get to the weight I want to be at.

I really don't know what else to say because I'm starting to bore myself. So thanks for reading(:

I Promise They Look So Much Better In Person(:

Sooo this one is on my hand if you didn't notice. It's a black star with lime green outline,this was my very first tattoo(:
This one is on my foot. It's a trail of 10 stars,all different colors. This was my second tattoo(:

This one is on my leg. It's an ambigram that says Dream one way and upside down it says Believe. This is my third tattoo(:

This one is on my breast,tit,boob,whatever tf you wanna call it. It's a treble cleft with a purple heart in the center. This is was my fourth tattoo(:

This one is on my shoulder blade. It's a quote that I found in a wallpaper on my phone. It says "Be strong now,because things will get better,it might be stormy now,but it can't rain forever."- Author Unknown. The vines with stars will be colored in very soon. This was my fifth tattoo(:

This one is going in between my shoulder blades,just the flower not the extra lines and circles. I'm hoping that it turns out great,my mom isn't exactly the most experienced tattoo artist,fingers crossed.. And this will be my sixth tattoo(:

Thanks So Much For Reading!!! Tell People To Follow Me,With More Followers,I'll Start Posting More Often. 

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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Holy shit, I haven't been on in awhile. Not much has went down anyway just drama as usual. But anywayyyys.

 Stalkerish Guys!!!

Okay so recently I've had a situation where i had an obsessed guy trying to get with me,I don't know about anyone else but having someone know you for maybe a day and live all the way across the country,never met you,never heard your voice,and thinks hes in love with you and wants to marry you and move in with you. He gets jealous when you hang out with guy family members he tries to control who you talk to ect. AND HES NOT EVEN DATING YOU!!!! You either define that as obsessive,stalkerish,or DESPERATE. And his sexual fettishes are just disturbing. I recently told this person that I could not date them,and he threatens with suicide there for is the one of the key clues to obsession. I agreed to stay friends because thats how I am,I like being a nice person and not throwing people completely out of my life,and after telling him no I already felt terrible,so of course he gets on facebook and exposes to the world his heart break,,,10 minutes later hes all happy and totally cool with it,after he said that he didnt want to live anymore...he wanted attention obviously but then he continues to be a total jerk. After this whole incident I was asked out by someone I've known and liked for awhile,I've been single for awhile so I said yes,and by this time and how many relationships I've been in I'm going into it with an accepting view,if things work out,then they do,if goes on..unlike my stalker, he continues to call and harass my phone saying that I'm his gf and theres nothing I can do about it,I'm sorry kid but being the person you are I can do somthing about it, and I'm not your property,at this point my bf is pissed off because he also believes I am no ones property including his I'm rambling....ANYWAYS...I'm keeping this guy at a little further than arms length.

Yes I know that was a pointless post..(:

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sometimes Long Hair Can Be A Terrible Thing!! and a little bit more.

Okay. So I woke up around 1 in the afternoon today,after going to bed at 12:30 am that morning,and my hair was TERRIBLE,I mean I have bedhead but today was worse than ever,it was so bad I couldn't even put it in a damn hair tie cuz it was so freaking tangled I was like WTF! Then tonight while I'm watching that new movie Devil which by the way is awesome quote I loved from it the most "Why don't you eat butt!!!" super funny. Anyways back to my rant,I'm watching this movie and my newly cut bangs fall in my face so I move my head so it gets out of my eyes and ONE SINGLE STRAND stabs me in the eye! ONE FREAKING STRAND!!! You'd think it wouldn't do all that much but NO! It hurt like a bitch,to be honest it still hurts and this was like 45 minutes ago. Yes this is a stupid post but it freaking hurts super bad and I'm almost 100 percent positive I'm not the only one whose had this problem.


My day was boring. How about yours? I spent my entire day on the computer because my life is lammmeeeee.RANDOM THOUGHT! There's this guy and I really like him,too bad I'm way out of his league!...Sad faces.


Ok so from now on in most of my posts I'm going to have a random thought in the middle of it,no there's no point to this but it's my blog and I feel like doing it so I really don't care what you think. Just kidding I do but I'll still post the random thought :D..because I like it.

To be honest I don't know what else to say. So I'm off for now! These post will start getting better!!! :D
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rant about Facebook shutting down!!!

So I just found out Facebook is shutting down on March 15th of this year. I'm probably one of the most pissed off teens about this cuz my life practically revolves around Facebook its how i connect with the world. Its such a random decision and I'm sorry but i feel its stupid. He can't handle the stress of keeping Facebook up and running? SELL IT TO SOMEONE ELSE. Uh duh. Not that hard. I'm sure there is a lot of people willing to buy Facebook and become rich themselves. He's become so famous from it,hell there was a movie about the creation of it. Who needs to realize that a lot people use Facebook for promoting their businesses and other important stuff? The Facebook dude. This is obviously going to be the come back for Myspace so whoever owns it now better get their shit together cuz theres gonna be an avalanche of users coming their way. This shit is so stupid!!!!! I don't know maybe he feels hes the only one with the potential to run it but he's wrong. On top of that he just updated a bunch of shit on it to make it better,WHAT THE HELL WAS THE POINT? Furthermore i obviously don't agree with this decision but i guess I'll have to clean out my Facebook and slowly trudge back the Myspace.

January 8,2010

So today is my first post because I just made this blog :p obviously. I'm still trying to figure all this out but basically what I plan to do with this blog is just write down what happens in my everyday life and what I think about it,not very interesting but it's my thing. So,wish me luck on figuring this thing out and see you all later!! :D