Saturday, August 6, 2011

Where The F..K Have I Been?!!!

Okay so pretty much this is me,without my glasses,well I am wearing glasses but not my glasses that help me see these are my cool duck tape nerd glasses that used to be sunglasses that I got at my senior prom,which by the way was terrible.

So I realize I haven't be on in awhile,which I don't really know why,mainly because I forgot about my blog and the fact that no one follows it makes it kind of pointless. Hopefully that will change,I like sharing my stories(:

Anywaysss so I went back to brown hair,as you can see (but I'm going back to blonde soon and getting a scene hairstyle,just for something new(: I have 5 tattoos,getting another one tonight,I'll share some pics of those below. I have a boyfriend (who lives 360 miles from me),and a best friend (: I'm looking for a job. I've come to the conclusion I want to be a Vet Tech instead of a Photographer.

My 18th Birthday is this month!!!!! August 24th to be exact(: I'm excited. lol. Mainly because it's just gonna be a weekend of me and my 3 best friends hanging out. Haha that could turn out to be great or incredibly terrible.

The gym is always on my mind anymore,because I need to lose weight,but I don't exactly have the option to leave and go workout whenever I want. But I'll eventually get to the weight I want to be at.

I really don't know what else to say because I'm starting to bore myself. So thanks for reading(:

I Promise They Look So Much Better In Person(:

Sooo this one is on my hand if you didn't notice. It's a black star with lime green outline,this was my very first tattoo(:
This one is on my foot. It's a trail of 10 stars,all different colors. This was my second tattoo(:

This one is on my leg. It's an ambigram that says Dream one way and upside down it says Believe. This is my third tattoo(:

This one is on my breast,tit,boob,whatever tf you wanna call it. It's a treble cleft with a purple heart in the center. This is was my fourth tattoo(:

This one is on my shoulder blade. It's a quote that I found in a wallpaper on my phone. It says "Be strong now,because things will get better,it might be stormy now,but it can't rain forever."- Author Unknown. The vines with stars will be colored in very soon. This was my fifth tattoo(:

This one is going in between my shoulder blades,just the flower not the extra lines and circles. I'm hoping that it turns out great,my mom isn't exactly the most experienced tattoo artist,fingers crossed.. And this will be my sixth tattoo(:

Thanks So Much For Reading!!! Tell People To Follow Me,With More Followers,I'll Start Posting More Often. 

 If you have any suggestions on things for me to post about message me on my facebook or on my email, I'm more on facebook so I recommend that but if you don't have one my email is fine,I check it whenever possible. I have a youtube account as well Sabreenstertasticful.

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Thanks Again For Reading!! (: <3


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